Ger van Elk

Ger van Elk (1941)

Woont in Amsterdam. Werkt in Amsterdam.

Ger van Elk is considered to be one of the pioneers of conceptual art. Averse to conventions, Van Elk experimented with many different media and frequently collaborated with fellow artists, including William Leavitt, Allen Rupersberg and John Baldessari and Bas Jan Ader among others. In 1969 he participated in the groundbreaking exhibitions When Attitudes Become Form at Kunsthalle Bern and Op Losse Schroeven: Situaties en Cryptostructuren at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; the latter still counts as the introduction of conceptual art in The Netherlands. Van Elk realized at a young age that “theory was nothing but a construct, a work of artifice”, after his mother remarried and he had to become Catholic instead of Protestant overnight. It proved to be a crucial moment for his art practice, the insight that truth is not truthful and that one theory is always interchangeable with another. In his witty and radical work, Van Elk analyzed the role of the artist, explored the question of authorship and originality and examined the dubious relationship between image, imagination and reality. Ger van Elk tried to disrupt the established art world one artwork at a time.

Amsterdam - Nederland, Amsterdam - Nederland, New York - USA


After studying at the Institute for Applied Arts from 1959 to 1961 in Amsterdam, Ger van Elk (1941– 2014, Amsterdam, NL) moved to Los Angeles in 1961, where his father was working at the time. He attended the Immaculate Heart College, where his long time friend Bas Jan Ader joined him the following year. Van Elk’s work from that period, across a wide range of mediums, often draws humorous parallels between Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Van Elk’s work had been exhibited in numerous international museum and gallery exhibition such as Museum of Modern Art, New York (US); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL) and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York (US). Recent exhibitions include La Casa Encendida, Madrid (SP), The Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo (NL) and the Art Institute of Chicago (US). His work can be found in many institutions and museums around the world such as Fondazione Prada, Milan (IT); Francois Pinault Foundation, Venice (IT); Tate, London (UK); Museum of Modern Art, New York (US); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL), and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL).

CV Ger van Elk

1941 – 2014 Lived and worked in Amsterdam (NL) Education 1965-1966 Art History, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL) 1961-1963 Art History, Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, CA (US) 1959-1961 Art and Design College, Amsterdam (NL) (Instituut voor Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs, now Rietveld Academie) Awards 2004 Oeuvreprijs voor de beeldende kunst, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam (NL) 1996 J.C. van Lanschot Prijs voor Beeldende Kunst (NL) 1983 David Röell-Prijs (NL) Selected Solo Exhibitions 2019 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL) [Forthcoming] …Therefore, Art is Splendid, GRIMM, New York, NY (US) 2017 Bearable Lightness of Being, GRIMM, Amsterdam (NL) Ger van Elk, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo (NL) 2016 Ger van Elk: The Well Shaven Cactus, 1970, GAM, Turin (IT) Ger van Elk, Markus Lüttgen, Düsseldorf (DE) 2015 The Horizon and Beyond, Borzo, Amsterdam (NL) Ger van Elk – L’Art Conceptuel, LAC, Sigean (FR) 2014 The Terribly Good Art of Ger van Elk, Kunstverein München, Munich (DE) Flatscreens, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo (NL) 2012 As Is, As Was/As Was, As Is, GRIMM and Borzo, Amsterdam (NL) Ger van Elk, curated by Gijs van Tuyl, Gallery Bob van Orsouw, Zurich (CH) 2011 Conclusions, BORZO, Amsterdam (NL) 2009 Een Keuze Vanaf 1966, Galerie de Expeditie, Amsterdam (NL) 2008 ONE ON ONE. GER VAN ELK. 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