Maurice Nuiten

Maurice Nuiten (1990)

Woont in Breda. Werkt in Breda.

The body as a lens The field of interest through which Maurice Nuiten conducts his artistic research is not something like Historiography, the Linguïstic Turn, Body-Politics, the Political, the Painterly, Performative or Cinematographic tradition or any other historically artistic topic. Nor does he identify himself with identitarian constructs, by which people are grouped and group themselves together in shared worldviews, discourses and outlooks on life and politics. For Nuiten there can be no association with identity politics as tool to position oneself in and towards the world, and that so include and exclude themselves from that same world. None of these constructs serve as lens by which to assess and address the world. The body as tool for recognition of the personal 
and subjective as sole defining and worthy principle. The directness and confrontation with this corporeality is necessary to puncture The immediacy of the intimate space, often found as element in the work, equally counters, or tries to counter by indicating, the loss of connection to an empathic life. In his work the body and the private sphere act as tools to regain some substance in a world devoid of matter. Nuiten does not call himself “photographer” in the medium specific sense of the word, performance, photography, video, installation and text are part of the explorations. The scope of instruments provides a broader pallet to address the conditions of our existence. Indeed the stance towards medium is the same as towards identification, or the relinquishing of artistic discourse. These all need to be discarded, in order to be able to puncture through what they represent. At this moment he is working on is long term research “We Choose To Go To The Moon” a study to define and dissect the conditions of happiness.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland

CV Maurice Nuiten

Maurice Nuiten Born 1990 in Roosendaal & Nispen, The Netherlands Currently based in Breda, The Netherlands Represented by Gallery Josilda da Conceição, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Education • 2015-2017 MA Fine Arts, AKV | St.Joost, s’-Hertogenbosch • 2013-2015 BA Fine Art : Photography, WdKA, Rotterdam • 2011-2013 BA Documentary Photography, AKV | St.Joost, Breda • 2010-2011 BA Foundation Course Design, AKV | St.Joost, Breda • 2006-2010 MBO Multimedia Design, Zoomvliet College, Roosendaal Work Experience • 12-2017-Current Guest Curator, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, s’-Hertogenbosch • 06-2015-Current Coordinator / Curator / Writer / Founder WKNDX , Witte Rook / , Breda Courses • 05-2017 How to Perform, Deborah Abrahams, s’-Hertogenbosch • 01-2015 Course Performance Art, Rotterdam • 08-2014 Minor Hacking, WdKA, Rotterdam • 01-2013 Minor Art and Platform, AKV | St.Joost, s’-Hertogenbosch • 01-2012 Minor Painting, AKV | St.Joost, Breda Research • 2016 Performance: an method of research, EKV Avans Hoge School Residencies • 2017 Media Huis Eindhoven & Artspace Flipsite, Eindhoven • 2016 A house for an art lover, Glasgow • 2015 Stroom, The Hague Nominations / Awards • 2018 BLOOOM award by Warsteiner ( Nominee ) • 2017 BLOOOM award by Warsteiner ( Nominee ) • 2016 Young Talent Award, Foederer Talent fonds (Nominee) • 2016 Best of Male Nude, Normal Magazine (Nominee) • 2015 Audience Award” by Galerie Pouloeuff (Winner) • 2015 Young Talent Award” by Leaseplan (Nominee) • 2015 Drempelprijs by the municipality of Rotterdam (Nominee) • 2015 Self portrait, SELF-Constructive , Brugge (Winner) Work in Collection • 2019 Endorphin : C77H120N18O26S (2018), Private Collection • 2018 In Order To Understand, I Destroyed Myself (2018) Private Collection • 2016 Now is Over (2016), Private collection • 2016 Mother II (2016), Private collection • 2014 In the evening you sat by the table (2014), Private collection • 2014 It was a bit cold in my heart (2013), Private collection Masterclasses • 2016 Politics of Authorship, Jack Segbars, s’-Hertogenbosch • 2016 Writing, Bonnie Dumanaw, s’-Hertogenbosch • 2015 Politics of Installation, Jack Segbars, s’-Hertogenbosch • 2015 Denis Darzacq, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam • 2015 Paul Kooiker, Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg • 2014 Alchemy / The element of Surprise, NEST, The Hague Interships • 2014 Mischa Keijser Photography, Breda • 2014 Juan Beladrich Fine Art, Rotterdam Curatorial activities • 05-2019 “Let us Inn”- A Working Title, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, s’-Hertogenbosch (G) • 12-2018 Instrumentarium: Humor en Houvast, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, s’-Hertogenbosch (S) • 10-2018 Misschien Morgen, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, s’-Hertogenbosch (S) • 03-2018 If Only I Had an Organ to Appease my Congregation, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, s’-Hertogenbosch (S) • 02-2018 WKNDX Jeanine Vloemans, Witte Rook, Breda (S) • 01-2018 WKNDX Charlene Klaver, Witte Rook, Breda (S) • 12-2017 A Dinasaur Gazelle and Other Stories, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, s’-Hertogenbosch (S)
 • 12-2017 As Far as the Eye Can See, Witte Rook. Breda (S) • 11-2017 Alledaagse Relaties, Witte Rook, Breda (S) • 10-2017 Tussen de Regels, Witte Rook, Breda (D) • 09-2017 WKNXXXL, Witte Rook, Breda (G) • 04-2017 Smoke Me out of my Hiding Place, Electron,Breda (G) • 04-2017 Laten we Verwonderen, Electron, Breda (D) • 01-2017 They Lost My Face, Electron, Breda (S) • 11-2016 Local Naratives, Electron, Breda (G) • 11-2016 In seach of common ground., Electron, Breda (G) • 10-2016 Did you know you were here? Nobody told me, Electron, Breda (D) • 10-2016 Metamorphosis,Electron, Breda (S) • 10-2016 562,3M3, Electron, Breda (D) • 10-2016 Enclosure, Electron, Breda (S) • 09-2016 Keep it to the bare necessities , Electron, Breda (S) • 09-2016 All we have is Time, Electron, Breda (S) • 09-2016 Status of Things, Electron, Breda (S) • 09-2016 A Pursuit of the Ungraspable, Electron, Breda (G) • 07-2016 Layers of reality, Electron, Breda (S) • 06-2016 Sigillium Runica, Electron, Breda (S) • 06-2016 De realiteit ombuigen tot je wil, Electron, Breda (S) • 05-2016 60 ̊∠ Baumwolle, Electron, Breda (S) • 01-2016 Light, Screen, Action!, Electron, Breda, Co-Curator Roeliena Aukema (G) Bibliography • 2018 Deze Bredase fotograaf werd van Facebook gekickt voor naaktfoto’s, • 2018 Facebook bant intieme foto van twee mannen, het AD • 2018 Toen ik de afbeelding voor het eerst zag, dacht ik alleen maar ‘wauw’, het AD • 2018 Je bent |(niet goed/goed) genoeg, Witte Rook • 2018 Hoogtepunten en diepe dalen, Witte Rook • 2018 Je bent |(niet goed/goed) genoeg, Witte Rook • 2018 Your Daily Male 2019 by Studio van Stralen / Galerie MooiMan • 2017 AVERAGE ART, December Edition, UK • 2017 WOTISART, December Edition, UK • 2017 A Bold Statement, Witte Rook • 2017 Welkom in het “echte” leven, Witte Rook • 2017 Pity Party met Maurice Nuiten, B-Magazine • 2017 Master Catalogue 2017, AKV | St.Joost • 2017 Dear Tomorrow… …with love, Yesterday, self published • 2017 No Material Difference, Exhibition Publication, Club Solo • 2017 Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Witte Rook • 2017 Your Daily Male 2018 by Studio van Stralen / Galerie MooiMan • 2016 Maurice Nuiten and his everyday (un)reality, Witte Rook • 2016 Your Daily Male 2017 by Studio van Stralen / Galerie MooiMan • 2016 Normal Magazine • 2016 Grote Brabantse Kunst Kalender • 2016 The naked eye and the nude Male, Gaynews • 2015 NEW dutch Talent 2016 by GUP • 2015 Gallerie Pouloeuff • 2015 Blooz Gallery, Fotoblog WDKA Finals 2015 Rotterdam • 2015 Krooning • 2015 BK informatie, Eindexamenwerk WdKA 2015 • 2015 400 A4tjes, De Weekkrant • 2014 EXPO HP/De Tijd • 2014 NEST, The element of surprise • 2015 Spelen met Beeld, Gooi en Eemlander • 2013 Ik zie ik zie wat jij niet ziet, self published • 2012 Vertrouwen in eigen lichaam, self published
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