Kes Richardson 1976

Woont in UK. Werkt in London.
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Richardson’s paintings sit somewhere between the spiritual and the corporeal. Their means of construction is laid bare without technical trickery, a process of scaling-up small drawings with detached paint application. The resulting works brazenly reveal their simplicity and dumbness yet also evoke quietude and reflection.

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Kes Richardson is born in 1976, Oxford, England. He lives and works in London EDUCATION 1995-1998 BA Fine Art Bath Spa University College SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2019 - Ridgeway Road, London, UK (forthcoming.) 2016 - Fair Game, FOLD Gallery, London, UK 2013 - Garden Paintings, FOLD Gallery, London, UK SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 Recreational Grounds III, London, UK (forthcoming) Notes on Painting II, The Koppel Project Hive, London, UK (forthcoming) Carry On, FOLD Gallery, London, UK 2018 Do Re Mi Fa So La Te, Griffin Gallery, London, UK Clay Rendering, Century Club, London UK 2017 Painting & Structure, Kennington Residency, London, UK Micro Salon 7, Galerie l’Inlassable, Paris, France Steal The Show, 53 Bentinck St, Glasgow, UK Plymouth Contemporary, Karst, Plymouth, UK 2016 Radical Me, Tannery Arts, London, UK Pool, Griffin Gallery, London, UK 2015 Garten a.V., Frontviews Temporary, Berlin, Germany P, Horatio Jr., London, UK Demolition Derby, FOLD Gallery, London, UK Fin, FOLD, London, UK 2014 Union of Voices, Horatio Jr., London, UK 2013 I DID DID I, ASC Gallery, London, UK Mudlark, FOLD Gallery, London, UK 2012 I Remember, A-Side, B-Side Gallery, London, UK 2010-11 The Marmite Prize, Touring, Tameside, Coventry, London, UK 2009 Silly Things, FOLD Gallery, London, UK Drawing with Dolphins, Crimes Town, London, UK 2008 The Marmite Prize, Studio 1.1, London, UK In Dreams, Thomas Cohn, Sao Paulo, Brazil Walpurgisnacht, Crimes Town, London, UK Mothers, Sartorial Art, London, UK 2007 How Men Are, Sartorial Art, London, UK My Penguin, 39, London, UK It Takes Two part 2, Sartorial Art, London, UK 2006 The Marmite Prize for Painting, The Residency, London, UK For Peel, No More Grey, London, UK Through the Large Glass, Three Colts Gallery, London, UK The Circus Show, Three Colts Gallery, London, UK 2005 Night on Earth, The Oh! Gallery, London, UK Kunst Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland 2004 Mothers, Oxford House Gallery, London, UK 2002 Viva Pablo, Bartwells institute, London, UK 2001 Hung, Drawn & Quartered, Studio Voltaire, London, UK