Jean-Philippe Paumier 1980

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Paumier’s work develops an object-based consideration on the singularity of consumer products into the field of contemporary art. His body of work mainly consists in sculptures and installations. His work refers to Marcel Duchamp’s concept of « ready-made », but diverges from it at the same time, by his means of expression and the way he combines elements. Paumier uses common objects chosen for their fundamental inherent qualities. They are all direct products from our consumer society and are therefore selected to emphasize, as a counterweight, their hidden aesthetic and conceptual potential. The negation of the use-value should allow one to consider the primary qualities of one given object: form, colour, texture… By distancing oneself from its practical aspect, one could possibly be more receptive to its poetical charge and subtle eloquence. Contemporary art often questions mass production and consumerism in terms of radical sociological criticism. Paumier’s work proposes to examine the object at another level, and establish a more intuitive contact with it. His approach is marked by a certain form of lightness. Breaking the object’s obviousness should allow the viewer to refresh his/her look on it, feel its ambiguity and give rise to new mental associations.

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Education Graduated at the Art School of Rouen (France) (Master of Arts) and at the University Paris1-Sorbonne (Bachelor in History of Art) (2003) Current exhibitions 5 jaar Kunstgemaal, January 27th-April 14th 2019, Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst Forming, January 26th-February 23rd, Josilda da Conceiçao Gallery, Amsterdam Singular Art Gallery, January 2019-, Nijmegen (NL) Sen no Sen & Déjà-Vu (remix), January 8th-March 31st 2019, Het Volkshotel, Amsterdam Recent exhibitions 2018 This Art Fair, December 27th-December 30th 2018, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam Garagecafe #8 (guest speaker), November 29th, Garage Rotterdam Alter Nation 2018 Art Prize, October 20th - November 24th, GO Gallery, Amsterdam JP&JP, September 16th, SEXYLAND Sociëteit, Amsterdam Zomerwinkel, June 21st-August 31st, PATTY MORGAN, Amsterdam Out of Order, curated by MILK, Arti et Amicitiae, May 25th-June 17th, Amsterdam Matter Matters! (Groupshow with Affiliati Peducci Savini), March 17th-April 20th 2018, Breed Art Studios, Amsterdam PopinnArt groupshow, February 16th - May 31th, Middenweg 20, Amsterdam 2017 This Art Fair, December 27th-December 30th 2017, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam Salon 2017, 1st December 2017-7th January 2018, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam RestArt2017, September 2nd-October 14th, Breed Art Studios, Amsterdam Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst & AKI meets Het Koelhuis, July 20th-August 20th 2017, Het Koelhuis, Zutphen (NL) Nieuwe Leden Tentoonstelling 2017, June 10th-July 9th, Arti et Amicitiae - Amsterdam Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair - with S1 Gallery (standnr 28), February 8th -February 12th, WTC Rotterdam 2016 Concept Winter 2016: the 2nd International Exhibition on Conceptual Art, Dec 16th-January 1st 2017, CICA Museum (Korea) Kunstvlaai : A Festival of Project Spaces (lecture & masterclass), November 24th-November 27th, Amsterdam Night mART Museummarket, November 5th, CBK Amsterdam Inertie de l'écho, 30th September-27th November, PEER Paper Platform, Amsterdam One Minute Films, 8th July-23rd July, The New Bohemian Gallery, Brainerd, Minnesota (USA) La stratégie de l'artiste, 4th June- 31th July, Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst (NL) Dada lives! , 25th April- 3rd June 2016, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, Ohio (USA) Apollinisch, 27th February 2016-6th March 2016, Josilda Da Conceiçao Gallery, Amsterdam 2015 This Art Fair, 29th December 2015-3rd January 2016, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam Show what you want show, 11th December 2015-3rd January 2016, Melkweg gallery, Amsterdam Afterimage, 13th-27th November 2015, Vytautas Magnus University Art Gallery 101, Kaunas, (Lithuania) Sections sucrées, 5th-13th September 2015, Josilda Da Conceiçao Gallery, Amsterdam Collage Exhibition, 2nd-24th July 2015, Print House Gallery, London (UK) Precious fragments, 3rd-25th June 2015, Galerie Klubovna, Brno (CZ) Never complain, never explain, 1st-30th April 2015, Paviljoen pOp, Utrecht (NL) 2014 Plato's Cave, 11th-14th & 20th-21th December 2014, DERDE WAL, Nijmegen (NL) Taipei Free Art Fair, 15th-16th November 2014, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei (TAIWAN) MILK Gallery, 21th June - 30th July 2014, Amsterdam KunstRAI art fair, 4th June-9th June 2014, Amsterdam Moira en Lucy op het spoor van het Surrealisme, 18th April-11th May 2014, MOIRA Utrecht Expositieruimte, Utrecht (NL) Black Market Art Fair, February 1st-April 15th 2014, online artfair - Déjà-vu, January 19th-February 28th 2014, Kriterion, Amsterdam Kaiju Art Exhibition, January 10th-January 30th 2014, RESOBOX Gallery, Long Island (NY), USA 2013 Thirty Exhibition (annual poster exhibition by Positive Posters), November 2013, Melbourne (Australia) Sen no Sen , September-October 2013, De Balie, Amsterdam 5th Cairo Video Festival, September-October 2013, Cairo (Egypt) Lactoserum, March-April 2013, Canvas op de 7e, Amsterdam 2012 Catalyst Arts Student Show, December 2012,Catalyst Arts, Belfast (Ireland) Gender Equality Now (worldwide posters exhibition by Poster for Tomorrow), December 2012 Passengers, July-August 2012, Hanina Gallery, Tel-Aviv (Israel) Crème et Plomb, April 2012, Basis, Amsterdam Why Art Now?, March-April 2012, Open Show Studio, Athens (Greece) 2011 Art Moves Festival (competition winner), September-October 2011, Torùn (Poland) Traces, August-September 2011, Webster University Gallery, Leiden (Netherlands)