Ben van der Wel

Ben van der Wel (1978)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

From mostly my own snapshots and an occasional (documentary-) still from the internet, I make digital collages. then I reintroduce them into tangibility, adjusting them to reunite them into a new single reality, drawing with metalpoint (mostly silverpoint) on (with a personally mixed gesso) prepared paper: the predecessor of the modern pencil drawing - not as a sketch but as raw final product. In my visual motives and in the structure, form and direction between them, I seek rhyme. I paste them together in a playful, slightly estranging (but harmoniously presented) temporary reality with references to ours, with a bit of humor and dystopia ('realistischem Tic'), hoping to create a fresh look on age-old motives. the low contrast and intricate weaving typical for this ancient technique are a much needed gentle emphasis on empathy and an ode to observing quietly in this loud age.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland

CV Ben van der Wel

2018: groupexhibition (Na)zomerkabinet, Amsterdam 2018: make me an offer – sale event @POPinnART, Amsterdam 2018: workshop art entrepeneurship @ Manuela Klerkx Agency 2018: artist talk @ POPinnART, Amsterdam 2018: groupexhibition Anonyme Zeichner, Berlin 2018: groupexhibition Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam 2018: groupexhibition POPinnART, Amsterdam (+ mgmt twitteraccount @popinnart) 2018: groupexhibition Gallery Josilda da Conceicao, Amsterdam 2017: groupexhibition Art for Animals’ Sake, Amsterdam 2017/2018: editor to artist publication Jan van der Pol – Een Nieuwe Dag #1: Voor Onze Natie and Een Nieuwe Dag #2: Who is big, sold ao at Gallery Nouvelles Images, The Hague, where Jan’s drawings used for this publication were exhibited. 2017: accepted at online gallery Patty Morgan 2016: solo booth at This Art Fair, Amsterdam (…) privately taught by Jan van der Pol and Rien Monshouwer 2007: Master of Arts in German Philology, University of Amsterdam, thesis: “Die practische Liebhaberey in den Künsten”, über Goethes Dilettantismusbegriff. Supervisor Klaus F. Gille.