Rob Smulders

Rob Smulders (1981)

Lives in Tilburg. Works in Tilburg.

In his working process Smulders is constantly looking for unconventional techniques to produce works whereby room arises for experiment. After his classical education he freed himself from the figurative approach and started to specialize in a more conceptual direction. Abstract experimental works with an emphasis of the way paint shows itself on a surface, are the expression of this. For Smulders the process of painting looks like a scientific experiment: he is testing what is regular and irregular and he repeats it. In producing a work he react on the moves on the canvas with gravity doing a big part of the job. Rhythms and repetitions are essential. In his work he deals with a complexity in which a continuity manifests itself. For years Smulders has been studying codes. These codes are transformed in a repertoire of paintings. The imperfection within the perfection is something intriguing for him all his life. It stands for living in the moment by the power of imperfection and deficiency. His work never have come into existence, if he wouldn’t have been busy studying the binary system. In fact half of the world is functioning with binary systems and we all are more and more dependent on digitalisation. Calculations and encodings are intriguing Smulders all his life through. In the process of working he is constantly looking for irregularities. He transforms these irregularities in order to create an new picture. Mistakes don’t exist, are treated as irregularities. These irregularities are the exact opposite the rigid binary ‘orthodox’ system. In life it’s all about equilibrium and finding the right balance as in Yin and Yang.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland

CV Rob Smulders

Education 2012-2015 Academy of Fine Arts, Arendonk (BE) 2014-2018 BA Academy for Art Education & Design, Tilburg (NL) Exhibitions 2019 Temporary Art Centre (TAC), Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2018 Pavia Art Talent Show, Palazzo Esposizioni, Pavia, Italy 2018 International Modern Art Exhibition, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, South Korea 2018 Moment of Trust, Tenthaus Oslo (NO), Hotel Solo, Club Solo, Breda, The Netherlands 2018 Art Parma Fair, Italy 2018 Lucca Art Fair, Italy 2018 Arte Vicenza Art Fair, Italy 2018 Vernice, Art Fair, Forlí, Italy 2018 Arte Genua, Art Fair, Italy 2018 Bergamo Art Fair, Italy Published 2018, November International Modern Art Exhibition, Gallery Harang (KO) 20.09.2018 Witte Rook, The Binary Series 27.08.2018 Trendbeheer, Rob Smulders 23.08.2018 Witte Rook, The Meltdown Project