Noah Latif Lamp

Noah Latif Lamp (1991)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Noah Latif Lamp (d.o.b. 1991) third-generation born to a lineage of artists, is a self taught, art school dropout who’s work is often described as a harsh reflection of real life, action and gesture. His work ranges from sculpture and installations, to performance as well as oil on canvas. His motivation and passion to create is driven by his curiosity to question society’s structure and human behaviour and thus, he often finds himself participating in artistic movements and activations which can be seen as controversial, dangerous, and even resistant to proper social conduct or law. Always onto the next big dialogue which is on the verge of surfacing, Noah’s work travels with him, speaking to all those who interact with it.

Torch Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland

Artworks by Noah Latif Lamp