Morgan Betz 1974

Lives in Berlijn. Works in Berlijn.
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Willem Baars Projects

Betz mediates reality through constructed images and forms in such a way that they get stuck between multiple meanings. A reluctant participant reality, he constantly recomposes materials and images to produce new comments on how the self is in a constant flux between perception and imagination. Originally a series, now each drawing work stands alone, some images are familiar players in his visual language, while others are a nod to artists like Guston, Picasso or Matisse. Betz has combined drawing with other devices, to create a reciprocal relationship between works on paper, paintings, and collages. Images created on paper and end up deconstructed on canvas. Large stencils are cut out to shapes, painted and directly applied to the canvas. The very stencils used to make up these images are reconfigured and used in collages. His process searches for the right balance between directness, construction, and the tension of a planned outcome.

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De keuze van... Otto Nan
''Morgan Betz's work is very free, loose and airy, and yet it is far from naive. He combines existing and own images and works with different techniques. And thus creates a very powerful, individual and new visual language.''
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Otto Nan

In museum collection:

Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag

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VandenBroek Foundation


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