Lon Godin

Lon Godin (1958)

Lives in Amsterdam Berlijn. Works in Amsterdam Berlijn.

About her paintings: The brushstroke, the action, the texture form the common thread in the work of Lon Godin.
Aspects such as light, spatiality and dynamics are used as dramatic factors.
Although her work is purely about the visual, it also evokes an underlying world: the presence of something indefinable.
The painting here is about the tension between experiencing the image as realistic (realism consists of the illusion of spatiality and movement in the painting) and the abstract, formal properties (the painting as a ‘thing’).
The surface, which is what the painting actually is, is loaded with space and movement.
This charge is palpable. It is a recognizable physical charge.
Merleau-Ponty calls this the "togetherness of the perceiving and the perceived".

Amsterdam - Nederland

CV Lon Godin

Born: - Sydney Australië Australië 1958 Lives in the Netherlands since 1961 Education: - Willem de Kooning academy Schilderen, Tekenen en Ontwerpen Rotterdam 1983/1987 - Rijksacademie Amsterdam 1982/1983