Harry Markusse 1990

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
Represented by:

Galerie Bart


The work of Harry Markusse (1990, NL) consists of abstract and minimalist paintings. He studies colour, shape and movement. He consciously opts for a brief concept beforehand, but while working he is challenged to make new choices and look for painterly solutions. While mirroring, tilting, shifting, repeating and partly repainting, he creates a layered image with intense colour contrasts (or sometimes only subtle tones). Harry looks for harmony between form and residual form, foreground and background, movement and countermovement and flat and spatial. Harry combines murals with existing paintings, but he also mixes paintings with prints. He always investigates what a painting is, what a painting can and may be. He cuts, folds and positions as well as uses paintings in a different way, approaching the painting as an object. This re-selecting and arranging of shape and colour is very similar to what Harry does during the process of painting.

Market position


Harry Markusse (1990, NL) Education 2009-2013 > Academie Minerva BA, Groningen 2012 > Escolla Massana MFA exchange program, Barcelona (ES) Exhibitions 2018 > First Show Off. Show Off Gallery, Rotterdam 2018 > Summer Jam, a painting show. W139, Amsterdam 2018 > Summer Show, Gallery With Tsjalling, Groningen 2018 > MOAM x Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 2018 > New Paintings, ACEC, Apeldoorn 2018 > Club Gem, Rotterdam 2018 > NORTHENERS!, Provincie huis, Haarlem 2018 > NO/TIME, Willem Twee kunstruimte, Den Bosch 2018 > Art Rotterdam , Gallery van der Berge, Rotterdam 2018 > Prospect & Concepts Art Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fund, Rotterdam 2017 > Secret postcard sale, We Like Art, Amsterdam 2017 > PAN Amsterdam, Gallery Bart, Amsterdam 2017 > Castellum Aqvae, Studio Onvervalst, Bloemendaal 2017 > Objectives, Gallery With Tsjalling, Groningen 2017 > Summershow, Francis Boeske Projects & Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam 2017 > Stock exhibition, gallery Bart, Nijmegen 2017 > Kunstrai, Amsterdam 2017 > Spring Propositions, SBK, Amsterdam 2017 > Recent work, Gallery van den Berge, Goes 2017 > Spring of Drawings, Gallery Helder, Den Haag 2017 > Editions & Multiples, We Like Art, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam 2016 > Art The Hague, Den Haag 2016 > Club Gem, Rotterdam 2016 > 'Point of View,' Galerie Bart, Amsterdam 2016 > Summer exhibition Galerie Bart, Nijmegen 2016 > 'Lust for Life, Painting Today', We like Art, Amsterdam 2016 > Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2016 > 'Bekroond', WTC The Hague Art Gallery, Den Haag 2015-2016 > 'The Space Between', Galerie Helder, Den Haag 2015 > 'The Fantastic Expedition of Painting', curated by Kog Groningen 2015 > 'the Royal Awards for Modern Painting', Amsterdam 2015 > Galerie Helder, Art The Hague 2015 > Amsterdam Drawing, Amsterdam 2015 > Summer exhibition, PS-Projectspace, Amsterdam 2015 > Kunstrai, Amsterdam 2015 > Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2014 > 'Meeting Point', Galerie Helder, Den Haag 2014 > 'Rhythm is a Shape, Rhythm is a Beat', Galerie Bart, Amsterdam 2014 > Group exhibition in de Openbare Bibliotheek, Groningen 2014 > Grasso, Barcelona (ES) 2014 > Duo exhibition with Jochem Rotteveel, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen 2013 > 'Inside out/Outside in', Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen 2013 > 'Ernstig Geschikt!', Circa...dit, Arnhem 2013 > 'The Best of Graduates', Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam 2013 > Graduation exhibition Minerva, Groningen 2012 > Group exhibition SFAM, Amsterdam 2012 > 'The good, the bad and the ugly', groepsexpositie, Groningen 2010 > Group exhibition Nuchternoord, Amsterdam Nominations / stipends 2016-2017 >Supported by the Mondriaan Fund 2015 > Nomination Royal Award of Modern Painting Publicaties 2015 > Interview Elsevier Juist 2014 > Page in the 'De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender' 2014 > Interview for a programe of Mike Starink 2013 > Catalogue 'Inside out/Outside in', Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen 2013 > Publication De Gelderlander, Nijmegen Collections Ministry Foreign Affairs CHDR Leiden DELA Museum Voorlinden Private collections