Marc Nagtzaam 1968

Lives in Breda (NL). Works in Breda (NL).
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Barbara Seiler

Marc Nagtzaam has been producing a body of work that is based on one main subject: the idea of pattern, the repetition. He draws lines, grids, circles, words or sentences as in an endless search for collecting pieces of information. The repetition and the graphic structure of his works seems reminiscent of minimal and conceptual aesthetics. Most of Marc Nagtzaam´s drawings consist of colourless, darkly filled in graphite surfaces. Abstracted elements from architecture, graphic design, details from found photographs, or parts from previous drawings are starting points for every series of works. This source material is being reduced, with basic, elementary means: dots, lines and flat surfaces, to construct a sort of structure. As Nagtzaam himself points out: “I’m looking for representations of a (seemingly) concrete reality as well as I search for images which can only exist as a drawing.”

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Marc Nagtzaam


MARC NAGTZAAM Born 1968, Helmond, NE Works in Breda, NE RECENT SOLO EXHIBITIONS (Selection) 2015 The Aesthetic of the Fragment (curated by M. N.) Panache, Antwerp, BE Eight Pieces for Eight Corners Objectif Exhibitions Antwerp, BE 2014 Not Available, De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal, Middelburg (publ.) Various Artists with works by K. Dedobbeleer, K. Mater, Batia Suter and ROMA publications. 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