Maarten van Schaik

Maarten van Schaik 1973

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
Represented by:

Caroline O'Breen

For Maarten van Schaik, intuition is the key to the work he creates. He defines intuition as the moment when emotion and reason come together and something elusive arises without asking for explanation. Van Schaik searches for enigmatic and puzzling images, together forming an inexplicable, cinematic story. “I’m fascinated by the concept of anonymity and abandonment. I am moving through the world, hoping for anonymity, hoping I am able to humble myself enough to see and record what others - preoccupied with their hectic everyday lives - won’t see. As is the case in most of my work, I am not interested in pure registration or a factual approach of the things I am photographing. The objects and subjects which I photograph remain veiled. They are part of a world in which the distinction between dream and reality is not stable; time has become diffuse." The colors that Maarten van Schaik uses contribute to the sense of silence and abandonment. They are lively but at the same time accomplish stillness and a feeling of alienation. He takes the spectator to an other reality; an eccentric world hidden underneath the surface of the ‘real world’.

Market position

Market position

Works by Maarten van Schaik were shown at the Naarden photo festival, Galerie Caroline O'Breen, Haute Photographie, FOAM, Cloud gallery, Breed Art Studios and were recently part of the book “a photographer’s journal” published by Cloud gallery. He is a photographer for commercials for FNV and Independer. Additionally Maarten teaches a masterclass for aspiring and upcoming talent at the Photo-academy in Amsterdam.


Exhibitions 2019, Haute photographie, Photo-fair, Las Palmas, Rotterdam 2018, Foam editions, two new works of the “Anonymous Contacts” series at the gallery 2018, Duo exhibition with Jitske Schols, Caroline o’Breen gallery, Amsterdam 2017, Naarden fotofestival ” Anonymous Contacts”, Bastion Oranje, Naarden Vesting 2017, “RISK” Suzanne de Graaf, Tinca Veerman and Me play a game of art at Breed Art Studios 2017, “Suspension of disbelief”, Group exhibition and grand re-opening of Gallery Caroline O’Breen 2017, A photographers Journal, Group exhibition and book presentation, Cloud gallery, Amsterdam 2017, Anonymous Contacts, Solo exhibition, Cloud gallery, Amsterdam 2016, Private life/public space, group exhibition, Seelevel gallery, Amsterdam 2016, Connection!, group exhibition, La Kaserna, Bad Nieuweschans 2015, Art for refugees, Cloud gallery, Amsterdam 2015, YipArt, Group-exhibition, Christie’s, Amsterdam 2015, Solo-exhibition, Peer-in gallery, The Hague 2015, Group-exhibition “Connection!” at LaKaserna 2015, Cloud Gallery, Duo-exhibition, “Mirage”, Amsterdam 2015, Rotterdam contemporary art fair, Foam editions 2014, Unseen photo fair, Bookpresentation “Mirage”, Seelevel gallery, Amsterdam 2014, “Saloon”, Group exhibition, de Slang, Amsterdam 2013, ING house, Solo-exhibition at the ING headquarters, Amsterdam 2013, Easy living, Group-exhibition at museum Diepenheim 2013, Kantor 2013. Group-exhibition at this art festival 2013, Unseen 2013, Amsterdam. Car Nude I is at the Unseen Collection. 2013, Seelevel gallery at Gup gallery, Amsterdam, “Cityscapes”,groupshow together with Wouter Stelwagen and Danielle Sambo 2013, Foam editions, online presentation of three edition prints, Foam museum 2013, Welikeart presentation at the Bijenkorf warehouse, Amsterdam 2012, We are void gallery, Groupshow, Amsterdam 2011, ‘Passage’, 17 photopanels on the viaduct over the Wibautstraat in the public domain 2011, ‘Summer show, group-exhibition, Seelevel gallery, Amsterdam 2011, Bookpresentation “Vegas”, Kees Scherer-prijs , fotofestival Naarden 2011 “Nieuwe aanwinsten” ,CBK, Amsterdam Oost 2010 ‘Speedbump’, Group-exhibition Frans Oomen collection, Fort Vijfhuizen 2010 ‘Shopping Miracles’, Solo-exhibition at the Zwitserleven headquarters 2010 ‘Shopping Miracles’, Solo-exhibition, A.C.F, Amsterdam 2009 ‘Seelevel’, Group-exhibition, Seelevel photogallery 2009 ‘Work in Progress’, Group-exhibition, A.C.F, Amsterdam 2008 ‘Expanding the city’, Group-exhibition, FOAM, Amsterdam 2007 ‘Gebouwgezichten’, Group-exhibition, NAI, Rotterdam 2007 ‘Expeditie Noord’, Solo-exhibition in de Amsterdamse Vogelbuurt 2007 ‘Las Vegas’, Solo-exhibition, gallery Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam 2006 ‘Las vegas’, Solo-exhibition, FOAM, Amsterdam 2006 Duo-exhibition, Maarten van Schaik and Popel Coumou, A.C.F, Amsterdam 2006 ‘Art Rotterdam 2006’, Rotterdam 2006 ‘Cadres revisitees’, Group-exhibition, Frans Hals museum, Haarlem 2005 ‘Stylecube’, Group-exhibition , Zandari gallery, Seoul 2005 ‘Cadres Revisitees’, Group-exhibition, Institut Neerlandais, Paris 2005 ‘Constructed Moment’, Group-exhibition, KW14, Den Bosch 2004 ‘Paris Photo 2004’, Paris 2004 ‘Amsterdam South-Axis’, Group-exhibition, Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam 2004 ‘Private landscape’, Group-exhibition, A.C.F. Amsterdam 2003 ‘Moved’, Group-exhibition, gallery Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam 2002 ‘Art Rotterdam 2002’, Rotterdam 2002 ‘Flipside’, Solo-exhibition, gallery Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam 2001 ‘Paris Photo 2001’, Paris 2000 ‘Bulletproof’, Group-exhibition, gallery Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam 2000 Duo-exhibition, Maarten van Schaik and Ellen Mandemaker, Noorderlicht photogallery, Groningen 2000 “sec.08”, Photo Institute of the Netherlands, Rotterdam Awards 2007 1st prize, ‘Bouw in Beeld-prijs’ NAI, Rotterdam Publications 2016, 50 photographs in book AAAro, 4 years of architectural projects in the Netherlands 2014 ‘Mirage’ , artistbook, self-published 2013 “Car Nudes” ,artistbook, self-published 2009 “VEGAS” ,artistbook, self-published. 2009 ‘FOAM-ALBUM’ 2008 2008 ‘Portraits in Geuzenveld’ 10 portraits of people who live there 2007 ‘Portraits in the ‘Vogelbuurt’ 12 pages portraits and landscapes , Vogelbuurt , Amsterdam 2005 ‘Dreaming of Europe’ Photo-essay,24 pages, writings: Bas Heijne, Michael Zeeman and Hafid Bouazza, financed by ministery of OCW 2003 Free eye magazine, 7 pages of work 2000-2003 Work sold Ministery of BUZA, De Nederlandsche Bank, Van Zoetendaal Collections, Zwitser leven, Benthem Crouwel, ING collection Assignments 2016 photography for FNV commercial ,”zo werkt Nederland”, Bonkers production/Dawn advertising agency 2008 Photography ,’Portraits from Geuzenveld’, 8 c-prints, For: Public Amusement 2006 ‘Ouders van Nix’, Bookproject about famous parents, publisher: Contact 2003 Photography of construction of the South-Axis in Amsterdam, 15 c-prints, For: Projectburo South Axis 2002 Photography of the construction of the ‘Queen Mary II’ at Saint Nazaire, 14 c-prints, For: Art and Enterprise ,Amsterdam Magazine work Parool, Volkskrant magazine, Groene Amsterdammer, Rails, Esquire, Avenue, Carp, Psy, Lounge, Quote, Tijdschrift voor Marketing, Architectuur Lokaal