Caroline Kryzecki 1979

Lives in Berlin (DE). Works in Berlin (DE).
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Caroline Kryzecki’s tool of choice is the ballpoint pen, which she exclusively uses in the four most commonly available colors: blue, black, red and green. To a certain degree Kryzecki’s drawings, or rather paintings on paper (up to 270 x 190 cm), are remnants of analog writing; calligraphy exercises with a ruler that express both the sensuality of an ornament and the meticulousness of a plan drawing. They illustrate conceptual appropriations and variations of an aesthetical practice that emerged originally from an error in production: the moire effect. This effect might occur when a mechanical production process, such as multiple colored halftone printing, runs imperfectly. Caroline Kryzecki turns a digital malfunction into an analog production method and energizes the surface by layering the two grids in a slightly shifted way – the repetition becomes a law of deviation within an algorithmic system. The idea of phase shifting, as known from Steve Reich’s music, is applied here as a moment of visual irritation. The method of construction, however, is more important than the effect and it is documented by the artist, in particular for the more complex grid structures, through a self-developed system of notation, the so-called codes. Despite their abstract character, these autonomous networks always elicit social, psychological and organic dimensions. Caroline Kryzecki found a medium to translate the concrete-constructive art traditions to the present day.

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Caroline Kryzecki


Caroline Kryzecki 1979 born in Wickede / Ruhr Lives and works in Berlin Education 2009 Masterclass of Robert Lucander and Daniel Richter 2003–2009 Studies of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts Berlin in the classes of Daniel Richter, Anselm Reyle and Robert Lucander 1998–2003 Studies and Degree in Communications Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf Grants & Awards 2019 Residency at The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Connecticut, USA 2018 Advancement Award Valerie und Prof. Kurt M. Schulz-Schönhausen 2013 Travel Grant – International Cultural Exchange by the Berlin Senate 2012 Istanbul-Stipend for Visiting Artists from Berlin by the Berlin Senate 2009 Scholarship by the Berlin Senate (NaFöG) Scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for Mozambique 2002 Scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for Tanzania Solo Exhibitions 2019 Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, with Susan Schwalb, London 2017 Come out (to show them), SEXAUER, Berlin Out of Phase, Ace Gallery, Los Angeles Art Rotterdam 2017, SEXAUER, Berlin 2016 Between the Lines, Bernal Espacio, Madrid The Spacial Aspect, Kunst & Denker Contemporary, Düsseldorf, Germany KSZ, Lotte Sonnenstein @ Gril und Plantys, curated by Angela Stief, Vienna 2015 RV#01, with Wolfgang Flad, FS.ART, Ravensburg, Germany 2014 Superposition, SEXAUER, Berlin 2013 3-7-9-14-21, St. Christophorus Kirche Neukölln, Berlin ArtInternational, Polistar, Istanbul Süperkonstrükt, Polistar, Istanbul 2012 Gel Gör, 44A Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul 2008 Kontrolle ist gut, Vertrauen ist besser – F.A.G. at Laden Für Nichts, with Fabian Fobbe, Leipzig, Germany Group Exhibitions (selection) 2019 CENTURY. idee bauhaus, dr. julius | ap, Berlin Art Brussels, SEXAUER, Brussels TEFAF, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, Maastricht Art Rotterdam, SEXAUER, Rotterdam all out, Kwadrat, Berlin 2018 Harder Edge (Phase 2), Saatchy Gallery, London One Fine Day, Grisebach, Berlin Painting Still Alive, Centre of Contemporary Art, Toruń, Poland Harder Edge, h Club, London life of artists in berlin, Una Vetrina, Rome Art Berlin, SEXAUER, Berlin Code Art Fair, SEXAUER, Copenhagen All along the Line! 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