ART AND DESIGN, Onno Adriaanse, Pien Post, Jan Koen Lomans, Maarten Vrolijk, Ted Noten, Tomáš Libertíny, Jill Louise Verweijen,


Show: 07/09/19 - 17/11/19

Rademakers Gallery
Artists presented

The opening of this exhibition on the 7th of September from 15.00 until 18.00. During the Art & Design exhibition, we will be challenging a dialogue between art and design; where does design stop and where does art start, and what are the similarities? Various works of art and design objects enter into an exciting interaction, which is further enhanced by the provocative combination of work by both established artists as young talents. We proudly present work by Beppe Kessler, Jan Koen Lomans, Ted Noten and Maarten Vrolijk, and are exited to intodruce you to promising young talents such as Onno Adriaanse, Pien Post, Sophia Steengracht and Jill Louise Verweijen. The common thread between the various works and objects is the multi-disciplinary techniques. From sculptural work by Thomas Libertiny, inspired by the connection between man and nature, the scoop of a tapestry by Maarten Vrolijk, who we know by his glass art, to a cupboard and table of 'just graduated' talent Pien Post.