Show: 07/09/19 - 17/11/19

Rademakers Gallery
Artists presented

The opening of this exhibition on the 7th of September from 15.00 until 18.00. Barbara Nanning has been experimenting with colours, shapes and techniques all her working life and lets the eternal movement and growth stiffen and solidify in her glass objects. It is often difficult to fathom how the artist created the intriguing layered works as a structure made up of countless pieces. Nothing is what it seems; it plays with movement, transparency, the skin, embossing, and reflection and absorption of light. She regularly puts the viewer on the wrong foot. Sometimes, as the artist Anish Kapoor does, a hole in the middle of a glass object turns out to be a deception on closer inspection. LIMITED EDITION Rademakers Gallery is showing 25 of those glassworks from Nanning's rich and colourful oeuvre. In addition, the artist has produced a limited edition of nineteen pieces of the Epreuve artist object (18x19x13 cm), especially for the gallery. This collector's item is for sale at the gallery for 950 euros by pre-registration. The flower-shaped object is made of Alexandrit glass, a type of glass that changes colour through polarisation, daylight or artificial light. By adding the relatively rare and limited applied semi-mineral Alexandrit, the object changes from violet (daylight) to light blue (artificial light). Verre églomisé Rademakers shows object-like scales entitled Verre églomisé (2002-2019). Since 2001, Nanning has been going to Novy Bor in the Czech Republic every year, which is known for its high quality, special colors, and very talented blowers and sharpeners. She works with a permanent master sharpener Aleš Zvěřina. She uses gilding glass, a forgotten decoration technique, in this series. The shiny satin-like gold literally and figuratively enriches the sensual inner shapes of the bowls. Eternal Spring The microscopic view of nature and flower shapes are often a source of inspiration, both on earth and under water. The Eternal Spring series, for example, consists of wall, table and floor objects from which blown and hand-shaped milky-white glass branches protrude from polyester casts of knots of pollard willows. Other colors of glass blades resemble corals or waving sea anemones