INTERPOLATIONS, Charlie Kitchen,


Show: 06/09/19 - 12/10/19

QLICK Gallery
Artists presented

Charlie Kitchen - Interpolations We are proud to invite you to the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands of American artist Charlie Kitchen. Born and raised in San Antonio Charlie Kitchen grew up between the vast and divers landscapes of Texas. The love for these landscapes became his muse although not in the way one might expect. He deliberately abstained from the idealized representation of landscape and embraced the visual dichotomy of geometric versus organic shapes. “I like to think of what I’m doing as creating a seemingly three-dimensional image through a medium that is fundamentally two-dimensional….” By analyzing the basics of photography through physical manipulation of the analog process, Kitchen explores the perceptual nature of the photographic image. Intervening in-camera offers him a way to dissect each sheet of film and construct each image before exposure, allowing to test the qualities of flatness and space within a photograph as well as integrate aspects of printmaking into the photographic process. Through manipulating the exposure process, multiple layers of representation can be imposed into a single image allowing the depiction of two variations of space: the exploration of visual as well as physical space. These explorations drive his practice, his work is the result of his own representation of nature, geometry and perceiving space with his medium photography. Interpolations will be on show till October 12, 2019.