Drawing Online, Joost Krijnen,
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Drawing Online

Show: 04/04/19 - 05/05/19

Gerhard Hofland
Artists presented

In his work Joost Krijnen unfolds thoughts and situations from his personal life through a range of drawings and sketches, produced in repetitive sequences. They are often compiled into large compositions by connecting them through strong, decisive lines, or by literally piecing them together in collage. This process amounts into rich and complex images that reveal a multitude of narratives and perspectives concentrated around a single situation. Krijnen is not afraid of the white sheet of paper. His style and approach are direct, rather than planning his compositions and images on forehand the artist appears to think in lines and shapes by which he processes his immediate surroundings and inner world. Every new line points towards a new thought, a plottwist that recurrently resets the direction of the image as a whole. And while each line offers an infinity of new possibilities, it is also ultimately indelible. Both this working method and the personal nature of the images make Krijnen’s work wonderfully disarming and vulnerable, while the depicted scenes can often be considered as comical and cheeky because of the loose and recognisable signature of the artist.