Objects from the outside, Gerbrand Burger,

Objects from the outside

Exhibition: 25/11/16 - 14/01/17

C&H gallery
Artists presented

C&H gallery is proud to present Objects from the outside, Gerbrand Burger’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The show consists of a large installation accompanied by some sizable reliefs in innovative materials. With these, Burger explores the confines of architecture and the material capacity of its surface. The installation that is at the heart of the exhibition can be seen as a room in and of itself, seemingly monolithic from one side, yet transparent from the other. Making the vacant inside visible, Burger suggests that an interior exists only because of its demarcation from the space around it. The thin surface is like a tangible border between the hollow interior and the outside. By addressing the topic of emptiness, Burger comments on society at large: “My objects show what I see in the urban environment, and the materials we use to shape our cities. Today’s building materials are factory-made combinations of synthetic and natural materials. A recent innovation that I work with, for example, is a flexible stone veneer: a thin layer of stone on a base of fiberglass and resin. The objects I make with this veneer are hollow, empty – they exist mainly on the outside. I chose this material because it says a lot about authenticity and illusion, and how man relates to nature.”