Theo & Henri, A Friendly Journey, Henri Plaat,

Theo & Henri, A Friendly Journey

Show: 13/10/18 - 10/11/18

Galerie Helder
Artists presented

In A Friendly Journey, artists Henri Plaat and Theo Jeuken show their originality in the unity of their friendship, voyages of discovery in art and with references to the past. Art and friendship, man and his work, stories and motives. Henri Plaat (1936) has built up a considerable artistic life. His oeuvre includes many disciplines. He can not be caught in a style in terms of working methods. Adventure is his domain. Nothing has limited him in his creative processes. Henri remains surprisingly versatile because he does not isolate himself in dogmas. He mainly works on paper, such as collages and gouache drawings; but also short films, for which he once received a Golden Calf. Out of an emotion for exotic landscapes and with his sharp perception, Henri Plaat is inspired by fine colour shades in abstract images. Especially in traveling across the continents to ancient cultures, he discovers colours that he appropriates in the 'bathtub method' developed by him - the painted paper is soaked in bleach and ecoline until colours mix, fade or saturate. Betty van Garrel aptly described his work: "By means of colour, which is left behind in the performance as a sediment, he knows how to suggest a process of detachment." Theo Jeuken (1945) also finds a lot of inspiration from outside the borders. For him it is mainly the new world and the city of New York that he visits almost every year for new impressions. His interest is mainly in architecture, theatre and film. Theo's work breathes a theatrical, humorous and mysterious setting. He prefers to use found objects or clippings from magazines. Usually they are memories and experiences from daily life that he imagines; or a scene from a movie. His two- and three-dimensional objects often speak as a story with a joke. Theo and Henri share their experiences and stories with costly humour. Each has found its way to express this. The source of their inspiration also shows many similarities. How beautiful can friendship be and how exciting to exhibit together with such a loyal partner?