Elka Oudenampsen, Untitled (1373)
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Galerie Helder

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 60 x 80 cm
Edition: Unique work
Status: Not available

Untitled (1373), 2019

Colours, shapes, overlap in compositions and patterns, as a reflection from her inner landscape. Elka Oudenampsen brings something to life. Examining what colour does, what the eye observes. Contrasts deliver new experiences and put everything in a different perspective. Her energy arises in the making, searching for a spatial collage, to a controlled final image. In her earlier work you can still see fragments from reality. More recent canvases are painted in a range of colours and delimited in forms. These shapes are also placed over each other, or opposite and cut across, vertically or horizontally. This creates a spatial experience. The image is often caught in a stationary motion. Sometimes you see clear marks of paint, regular, taut and accurate. The composition of one work is even more complex than that of the other. In a painting of Elka Oudenampsen there are no traces of political engagement or social views. However a strong drive is to be discerned. Trough proper research canvases are produced in all sizes and colours. It is her energy flow that determines the end result. Autonomy of a visual language is the goal that Oudenampsen strives for. All produced by the pure experience of looking.