Zaida Oenema, The Perfect Dot
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Galerie Helder

Technique: blue biro on paper
Size: 1.000 x 100 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 6.000 - € 8.000
Status: for sale

The Perfect Dot, 2011

It is a long roll of paper measuring ten by one meter, on which she has drawn an endless number of round dots tightly and regularly by hand, without using a frame or a ruler. Concentration, silence, tranquillity, repetition, rhythm, internalization: these are all elements that speak to the imagination of the viewer in this work. From this monumental drawing, Zaida Oenema started a lot of her work and named her approach as "conversation pieces". This is not a reference to the art-historical name of an 18th-century movement of English group portraits of family members, but a contemporary typification of her work that is distinguished from it by an abstract character and spiritualized formality. It is about how she relates to what surrounds her. (Alex de Vries, Mister Motley)