Zaida Oenema, Boom (tree)
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Galerie Helder

Technique: paper cut with scalpel
Size: 65 x 50 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 1.000 - € 2.000
Status: for sale

Boom (tree), 2016

Some of her more recent works are clippings and paperwork that she calls "Blades" in which she no longer draws with a pencil, but makes incisions in the paper with a scalpel; she also uses the soldering iron to burn holes in the paper. This results in reliefs, spatial drawings with a sculptural quality that are of a landscape nature and quality, like hairs or blades that stand up in the wind. Zaida Oenema is an artist for whom her work has a demonstrable inner urgency that is related to her belief in providence. It brings about a creation that is valuable in itself and that as a greatness cannot be measured by external circumstances. Art can only be true in itself and be justified in it, which is now a somewhat dated definition of free, independent and independent artistry in this age of "art and entrepreneurship". Zaida Oenema has successfully practiced that entrepreneurship as a photographer, but only in a depiction of it, in the surrender to her artistry, has she found her true destiny. For her work to become art in the acts she performs for it, she must devote herself as a monk to its origins, the personal necessity to make this work. (Alex de Vries, Mister Motley)