Daniel Jensen, After Ski
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Technique: Sandcast aluminium, enamel & spraypaint
Size: 54 x 25 x 9,5 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 4.000 - € 6.000
Status: for sale

After Ski, 2019

Daniel Jensen is born in 1972 in Malmö and he lives and works in Stockholm . He uses painting and sculpture to present a tongue-in-cheek commentary on domesticity, materiality, and the banal. Exploring issues surrounding contemporary society, pop culture, film, literature and nature in decline. His works are an absurdist re-evaluation of the world around him: socks, leaves, smiley faces, and squiggles are all flattened with a dry, sardonic wit that carries over into his sculptural identity. Cast from cardboard, plastic cups, and whatever detritus lies around his studio, the young Swedish artist elevates such irreverent media into totem-like relics. Choosing to celebrate the banality of his media and subject matter rather than hide behind it, the artist's works inhabit a sort of celebratory low-browness, coming across like a sort of plastic-party-hat revelry turned serious art-practice.