Maarten Janssen, Regal
Maarten Janssen
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Galerie Helder

Technique: lacquer paint, shelves, rail system
Size: 200 x 120 x 25 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 6.000 - € 8.000
Status: for sale

Regal, 2010

Maarten Janssen paints on the basis of random factors that provide him with a set of colors and shapes, that he can use to get on with. He treats the canvas with dice and bags of paint. He dips the sides of the dice in different shades of paint. Traces and splashes are decisive for the sequel. They determine how the canvas is filled out. This procedure has similarities with basic painting. Maarten Janssen puts the role of the artist as the author of the artwork in perspective. He hands over the decision-making power and that is at odds with approaches in which the expressive touch and the handwriting predominate. With Maarten Janssen, the painting is the result of accidental cause and necessary effect. It obeys its own laws. Jan van Heemst