Manfred Peckl, Sniff
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Frank Taal Galerie

Technique: Collage, fine paper strips cut from advertisement posters glued on wooden panel
Size: 60 x 50 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 4.000 - € 6.000
Status: for sale

Sniff, 2018

Peckl has been employing this method of collage technique for several years. The use of mostly advertisement posters, visual waste of the consumer society, separated in its basic ingredients colour, letters and figure: as shredded stripes the colours find way into quotes of brushstrokes. 

Glued side by side, partly overlapping, sometimes bent, the results are paintings not painted. The former content has turned into poetic sceneries of urgent matter, radically attacking one’s eyes. The materials origin as printed matter stays visible as a reminiscence of false pretenses now art will fulfill.