Wjm Kok, Grey Monochrome (S/N 51561) en (S/N 51561)
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Galerie van Gelder

Technique: removal blankets on stretcher, part of a series of canvasses
Size: 210 x 140 cm
Edition: 2 out of 6
Price range: € 4.000 - € 6.000
Status: for sale

Grey Monochrome (S/N 51561) en (S/N 51561), 2015

In the work of Wjm Kok, monochrome canvases occupy a recurring position. It does not matter which materials or carriers he uses for this purpose: table tops, tarpaulins, polystyrene insulation panels, textiles, aluminum foil or perfume fragrances are just as much part of his oeuvre as his more painted Mix Series of paint on canvas.